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Apollo Blazer 7


The Apollo VRX 125 is equipped with the latest and new generation of perimeter frame, made only in the Apollo factory. This quad will bring you comfort and stability for your off-road trips. Mounted with 7 inches wheels, this VRX 125 will be able to pass any obstacle, it is an excellent alternative to offer your child the possibility to feel his first sensations on an all-terrain vehicle. Even for the adult, it offers more than interesting performance. It is equipped with a quiet and economical YTX 125cc 4-stroke engine and automatic gearbox, neutral and reverse. Thanks to its speed setting, any user can safely learn how to ride at his or her own pace. With it's uncorparable stability and it's automatic gearbox, this quad ensures real safety without compromising the pleasure of driving an all-terrain vehicle. This brand new quad Apollo VRX is the new quad reference in its category, with its very affordable for the quality it offers so no need to hesitate to buy it! Recommended for starters, young and less young.